How to Build an Online Presence as a Self-published Author


It’s tough to start your journey as a self published author. There is so many books and so many other authors, how do you get noticed? Perhaps the whole fact that you have to be your own marketer is daunting and you’re holding back. Maybe you’ve prepped your story and set to publish or already have and now marketing is what you’re missing. If any of these are the case here are some tips that can help you out.

  • Social media is your best friend, but spam can turn people away. Twitter, Facebook and other social media are tools you can utilize for getting your work out there, but you want updates to be relevant and make sense not just a spam for your book buy link. If you post stuff people like, people will come and check out your stories anyway. That doesn’t mean don’t update people when you do publish, or when you’re doing a book signing etc, but don’t get so caught up in the advertisement aspect that you lose the fact that you’re updating about your career and writing things in general.
  • Start your own author website. There are just so many reasons for creating an author website. You can use it for raising your portfolio and profile, providing updates without readers having to join on social media, promoting your social media, interacting directly with readers, or providing a behind-the-scenes look at your creative process, plus anything else related to your endeavors and writing.
  • Book clubs can be a good way to get sales and convince others to read your works. Facebook and Goodreads have many book clubs that can help get your story out there. They have different times where they read books every week or two which make it a good option to reach out to moderators to get your story on the reading list. Newbie authors utilize book clubs to grow audiences, it’s a plus because instead of just posting unsolicited links, you make deals with mods on the forums of Goodreads and Facebook clubs for members of these clubs to read and discuss. This guarantees not only sales but reviews as well.
  • Virtual blog tours give you exposure. This costs money, it’s not always foolproof, but is worth it when using the right blog tour type for you. Personally I think the type of tour that has a popular blogger review your books is the better type, but that’s just me. They have reviews, podcast interviews, and other social media events to choose from. If you look into virtual blog tours there are quite a few websites that offer to have them done for you, at a price. There are definitely enough options to choose from to suit what you think would work best for your books and it can really help boost your sales. Click here for a link to an article explaining more about virtual blog tours.
  • Sign up for Goodreads. Goodreads is a powerful tool and is sometimes underestimated by authors. Make sure your books are on Goodreads and create a well written author profile for yourself representing you. Be active in the forums, interact with readers and potential readers as well as joining the aforementioned book clubs where you can ask them to review your books. You can upload your e-books and sell them there too as well as organize book giveaways. Contests are also an excellent way to giveaway your book and create some buzz.
  • Giveaways help boost book reviews. Reviews are never guaranteed this way or most ways but giveaways mean more people read and the more compelling the read, the more likely you’ll get a review!  Hand copies to friends, in Goodreads, on facebook, and see the buzz it causes. (Contests and raffles with the prize as your book are exciting too!)
  • Advertise your books with Bookbub and websites like Bookbub. It’s pricey and hard to get your book on Bookbub, but worth it when you do it right. Bookbub has a huge huge base of people subscribed to their book recommendation emails. Potential readers browse their lists by genres to look for books they’d like to buy and read, it’s really a great place to get your book out there. Price promotions do especially well. Here is an excellent article explaining more about Bookbub and how amazing it can be for your sales and getting your book out there.

Those were my tips on how to build a presence as a self published author. Be active, be loud, but don’t spam. Engage and be engaged with, don’t let your book whither and die without the marketing manure it needs.

Remember to keep looking for places to build your presence, and keep looking for more ways to continue to do so as well. Good luck to all of you self published authors and I hope these tips serve you well.

Have any tips you’d like to share? Have you made a post about this topic elsewhere? Share with us in the comments below, and as always if you have any questions about writing that need answers, ask in the comments or on Twitter. @Webnovelist



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