What Do I Name This?

What do i name pic

If you’re like me I come up short when it comes to naming any of my characters, towns, kingdoms, or anything else in my stories that need naming. While I encourage you to come up with your own character names and whatnot I know it can be hard, in which case name generators are your best friend.

While name generators are mostly for coming up with names to use in writing, I also recommend them for inspiration. That being said here are some choices I enjoy using:

Mithril & Mages: To banks and business names to inns, taverns, and anagrams they have it all. Need an old west, modern, or medieval name? They’ve got those too. Pop in and take a look, maybe something will inspire you.

Character Name Generator: This name generator does more than required by providing you with a personality for your character as well as a name. Offering the choices of, ethnicity, gender, and a time period from 1880 onward it’s a pretty good source and has it’s own flare and niche.

Behind the Name: With an extended ethnicity list you can check mark to include as well as how many names (first, middle, middle 2, and middle 3) to choose this name generator is also on my list.

There are many more name generators around the web that you can find by googling but these were three I found to be unique and interesting in my search. If you have any others to suggest, or have a method of creating names you’d like to share feel free to comment below.

As always if you have any questions about writing that need answers ask in the comments or on Twitter. @Webnovelist


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