Web Novelist?

Girl Writing

What is Web Novelist? It’s the blog and guide for aspiring writers looking to make themselves known, learn, and prosper on none other than the internet. 

To let you know a little about myself, my name is Kimberly Wolf. I’m currently living in Southern California. I’m twenty years old a writer, singer, gamer, and many other things. I’m also a Gemini if you couldn’t tell.

Now enough about me.

I’m starting this blog because I know how hard it can be after such a long time writing or just starting out to keep with your motivation. This blog will give you the resources and tips you need to be a web novelist.

It’s hard to not have anyone reading your words, giving you feedback, and just not having anyone who’s generally enthusiastic about your work. It’s also hard to find the right writing resources, the right places to advertise yourself, and to improve when it’s just you and your work.

Have questions that need answers about writing? Ask away! With this blog I plan to give you the tools you need in order to be a successful web novelist. This blog is for you, feel free to talk to me on twitter too. @Webnovelist


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