How to Start Writing (New Writers)

So you want to be a web novelist, but where do you start?

Let’s not get too far ahead ourselves, you have things written don’t you? If not, that’s the first place to start! Don’t think about your audience yet if you don’t have something you are prepared to present. It’s just you and your work at first.

For those that need to get started writing here are some tips:

  • Get some ideas. What do you want to write about? That may seem like a simple question, but sometimes it gets twisted into what do other people want me to write about or what would other people like to read? You have to be passionate or love what you’re writing about otherwise risk having it all fizzle.
  • Outline your plot. This is an optional step for those that like to be a little more organized. Maybe a main character is going to die somewhere down the line, but you’re just about to start writing and it would be a while away before that even happens but you still want to remember. Then you should outline the important things. Get it down so you have a guide for later chapters.
  • Write. No literally that’s a step. Just write, write it down. Have an idea? Put it on paper, your idea is nothing, nay your novel is nothing if you don’t have it on paper. It’s only a thought until written down. You don’t need any fancy writing software to begin, don’t try to limit your writing by not starting at all because of something small like that.
  • For your first draft don’t edit. It takes up time, and it’s your first draft anyway so avoid one mistake I often make, which is edit before you’re done with your first draft. You can edit all of it when it’s done, but first finish your thought! Write the first draft!
  • Concentrate on your work. It’s hard to sit and write, but it’s even harder to sit and write and immerse yourself if you are checking your phone every five minutes. Put it down, put it on silent and write. Hey, no distractions! Close your web browser unless you need to define words or look up spelling, but no new tabs, no social media, spend that quality time with your work.
  • Where’s your motivation? Okay so this one is a big problem writers sometimes have. Say you started writing and you’re a few chapters in and now you don’t want to write anymore. Maybe you got bored, or the part you’re writing is so slow you can’t take it. Talk to people, maybe brainstorm the plot with a friend or family member, get yourself excited about your story again. Read a good book, watch some TV, set goals of how much you want to write each day, and think about where your story is headed rather than just that boring part you’re stuck on. Sometimes having a buddy writer help you stay on track will aid you.

Have questions that need answers about writing? Ask in the comments or on Twitter. @Webnovelist


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